Monday, January 20, 2020

Traveling through Time

                                 I see myself as I am
                         I see myself  me
                         I see myself as I am

in the wind

              Walking on the shore
                    I threw a poem in the wind
                         See how my birds fly

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Please Help our Dreams come true!

We are going through some things, can you help us?

We need your help to make it all happen!

Grateful for any love and support!

Peace and love,

Miss Megan's Class Sonnet

Each morning we begin with hello and plan for day,
Sometimes we sing or dance or read and are always ready to play.
We love to play with blocks, cars, goop, slime and more
We love our adventures at the library, come on, meet us there
We read stories about our world and more
We make our bodies into animals and shapes
We Om and do yoga on the floor
In our classroom, we love to write our own books,
paint, draw and create worlds
And oh, we love food!
We cook pizza and scones,
Make smoothies and bread,
It always puts us in a good mood
We are happy, like when we share stories of our family and friends
We talk about our favorite ice cream, and our pets
How we run and spin around the playground again and again
We are superheroes!We are Avengers!Wonder Woman!Batman! Spidey!
And though we may seem small,our minds are Mighty!
My we love it here in room 202 and love our friends in 206,
Grateful for Miss Robin, Miss Gabby, Miss Laurie and  Miss Lisa they know all our tricks!
Now like our butterfly friends, we have grown and Learn to Fly
Our thanks to Miss Megan for a wonderful year!
We love our Pre-K! So Long, Farewell
Big hugs but never goodbye

Thursday, February 21, 2019

All that glitters

is in the light

all that sparks
is held without fright
all who love
bend the stars
all who know
are never far

all that shines

is removed from the darkness
all that breathe
hold there form
all who live
are trees in the storm

all that glitters


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bending The Light

She bends the Light
Streaming through Galaxies
of possibilities 

She glitters in Gold

Dreaming with the Dawn
of discovery

She opens the Doors

Perceiving the Truth
of transformation

She bends the Light

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Almost Broken

Holding my heart
You held your breath
And never returned
Lost in the Waves
Found in our Dreams

Holding up Hearts
Bending so far
Almost Broken

Holding my mind
Standing alone
Shaking and quaking
Still not breaking

Holding in our Mind
Widening The Eye
Of all who die
In the arms of Poseidon 

Holding the Thought
That your last breath
Was of Peace

Holding the Light
That was your Eyes

Inside my sword is
Brandishing the Darkness

Letting go 
Holding on
Letting go
Swimming Away

Now Now Now

Watching another love
Drowning in sorrow
Hiding his pain

So, I Hold On
Still Not Broken

 I fall below the water

Watching a different Sea
Taking down the You 
The Me
The We

Wading in the Waves
Still not Broken

peace and love,